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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

If You Dream of Fairies

Whimsical Wednesdays

If You Dream of Fairies
is a story I wrote for my daughters and niece last summer. I will present it here in serialized form. It was my first foray into fiction.

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The girls looked at each other in shocked amazement. Liz’s chin dropped to her chest and Maria’s eyes widened so much that Liz could see the white all around the violet centers. They practically glistened with excitement. Keebler cocked his head to one side and looked anxiously between the two girls and the wee door.

It was only about three inches tall and it was flush with the tree. The wood of the door was the same color and texture as the surrounding wood on the tree. It had certainly been carefully camouflaged.

“It’s a fairy door!” Maria exclaimed excitedly. “I’ve seen them in the catalogs my mom gets. People put them on trees or in their homes so that they can pretend magical folk live there! I wonder who put it there, your mom or mine?”

“I don’t think…”

“It doesn’t matter who did it, it was a lovely thing to do, don’t you think?”

Liz nodded, still paying more attention to the door than to Maria. Maria continued, “I love that they wanted us to think our garden was magical. I wonder how long it’s been there. Should we ask them where they got it or should we play along?”

“I don’t think our moms put it there. It doesn’t look like anything that came from a catalog – it’s just too perfect.” Liz said, scooting in for an even closer look and running around the edges of the door with her fingertip. “Just too perfect” she added, almost reverently.

“Oh! I get it!” said Maria, “I’ll play along. Magic, then. I love it! It will be a magical summer, with our own fairy tree!”

Liz was so entranced by the tiny door that she barely heard her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Maria tapped on the door gently with one finger. “Knock, knock, fairies! Come out to play! We’ve found your home!” Keebler had lost interest in the door and the girls and was chasing a few small birds off of the lawn, barking in as threatening a manner as a six pound ball of puppy fluff could manage. The birds scattered, duly intimidated.

The girls laughed and joined Keebler in a chasing game, all three of them running and tumbling, no one certain who was chasing and who was being chased. Only Liz glanced back at the tree from time to time.


  1. Come on little fairies! I know they're in there, dude...I wanna see em.